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Throw me the idol, no time to argue.

oh u did throw the idol lol

6/17/05 10:50 am


June 21 - Midsummer. This is the sun's moment of greatest glory,
and the time of longest daylight. After today, the sun's decline
begins. Decorate your house with sunwheels. Build a bonfire, or if
that's not possible, burn a candle in honor of Sunna, the Sun.

July 9 - Day of Remembrance for Unn the Deep Minded. Unn was a
strong-willed matriarch who established dynasties in the Orkneys,
Faroes, and Iceland. Do something to make your own family line
stronger and more permanent. Recall the deep-minded women of your
clan today.

August 9 - Day of Remembrance for King Radbod. This Frisian king
ejected Christian missionaries and upheld our ancestral faith in his
land, against great pressure. Pour a libation to the ancient Frisian
Goddess Friagabi, "Giver of Freedom" and declare yourself free from
alien creeds.

6/15/05 12:24 pm

I wish my middle name was "Breakfast". That way when someone asks if I want something to eat in the morning I can say "Breakfast is my middle name!" and maybe they'll laugh, and give a little wink, and they'll think it's a joke. But it's fact, and the joke is on you.

6/14/05 11:37 pm

So here's a funny story. No, really. I think it's pretty funny, anyway. OH FINE IF YOU DON'T THINK IT'S FUNNY THEN FUCK OFF

Well apparently my dad's like a mason and he's part of the 30th DEGREE or some shit which is APPARENTLY a third of a degree from the ABSOLUTE SUPREME TOP mason or something. I don't really know. He was trying to convince me to join the masons. He was pretty drunk though, so maybe it was just like drunk talk. But I love the idea of secret societies, don't you? Postscript: I am drunk and stoned right now. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON except my dad was a cop so instead of buying and smoking weed (corby) he just stood by as they burned siezed crops

My dad was watching me play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He explained to me how "scum like that D.J. Mc B.J. Feller" (no, I don't know who he meant either) deserve to be chased around by police helicopters by O'Blarney when I was in the force we wouldn't have let blokes like that shoot down fellow officers in helicopters where'd he get that rocket launcher anyway" then he started convulsing on the floor like always and rambling about "Jewsus" which is his racist way of saying "jesus" I guess and so I hit him under the chin with a plank of wood like I always have to in situations like this. Then I took his credit card and subscribed to all these pornography sites

6/9/05 09:52 pm

I'm going to start a new genre called Blackface Metal. It's going to be a real hit (i.e. people will hit me for being such a cunt). Stay tuned!

6/9/05 12:41 am

So I got out this dvd called The Eye and sometimes when I see a movie I like to read what other people have said about it on imdb.com. Then I saw that they're doing a remake of it because that seems to be the trend at the moment. What's the fucking point? I didn't see it as anything special (though a few scenes I thought were pretty cool, like the old woman in the hallway near the start and the guy in the elevator OH NO I DID SPOIL THE MOVIE), and it reminded me too much of the Sixth Sense (I don't mean to say it's exactly the same, though, just very similar in some parts). I was pretty neutral towards that movie as well, I can't stand that "alarmingly mature child" cliche that seems to be in every movie these days when they can't think of anything that is actually original because people eat that shit up, plus it doesn't really require any acting ability.

I also got out that Lemony Snicket movie. Before you say anything, I haven't even heard of this movie before. Remember how isolated I am? It's like a fucking black hole, except things don't get sucked in. So I guess it's like a void, not a black hole. Well, anyway, I just saw it on the shelf and thought it looked pretty good. I was right, the whole movie LOOKS good... I love the style and the costumes and such (by which I mean the movie had a definite mood that was consistent right through) but something tells me I'm not really the target audience. I mildly enjoyed it because I didn't get bored looking at anything, but that's about as much praise as I'd give it. I mean, it made me think of a modern day Victorian era/steampunk sort of world, and I'd love to see more adult orientated movies with similar visuals and mood (I'm not talking about that shitty League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, either). It also sort of has that "kids understand more than you think they do" moral to it which just makes me roll my eyes wildly until I give myself a headache. During "Signs" I actually gave my eyes friction burn from all the eyerolling. It was a good thing, though, I didn't have to watch the fucking stupid movie anymore. I hate every M. Night Shyamalan movie that I have seen so far. I bet he writes his scripts like thiSCREECH ha ha scared you didn't I you didn't think I was going to make the orchestral music swell at that particular momSCREECH ha ha I did it agaSCREECH oh the sudden violin scares are too frequent oh. Oh

6/8/05 01:14 am

So it seems Finntroll has a music video now. It's in the Media -> Videos section and it's called "Trollhammaren". Though I haven't seen it yet, I already know that it's going to be the greatest music video in the world so everyone should download it even if you don't like them but ESPECIALLY if you do I am looking at you one or two or possibly three people in the world my livejournalfriendslist

Here is a picture of Finntroll to amuse/entice the nonlisteners

6/7/05 01:55 pm

In the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane the Deputy Mayor started putting up No Smoking signs, even though they can't legally enforce it. At first the REAL Mayor was opposed and took them down (because the Deputy Mayor didn't follow the right procedure and enforced his morals on the people without right or reason (no those were not his words)) but then he changed his mind and decided to "compromise" by letting the signs stay up, but they had to be "carefully" worded. This is not compromisation, this is bending over and letting them have their way with you. Because it cannot be legally enforced, the signs now say "please do not smoke in this area". I have expressed outrage at this act (yes, I'm a smoker, but it's the principle that gets me) and most people are ambivalent and just say "so? I don't smoke". I'm not going to act like a moron and say "FIRST THEY CAME FOR OUR CIGARETTES AND I DID NOT SPEAK blah blah" but I think that's more of the angle people need to take.

They CANNOT enforce this law, but apathetic fucks let shit like this happen, and guess what? It never stops there. They know that this is going to turn the non smokers against the smokers if anyone tries to smoke there, because people are just going to assume it's the law, even though it's been on the news just recently. The fact that someone sent a "biological agent" to the Indonesian Embassy in Australia is evidence that the general population are unthinking hypocrites with short memories. "Why should I worry about the rights of others when my rights are not being stepped on?" seems to be the motto of just about everyone alive today.

So yeah, it can't be legally enforced. But you can bet that "concerned mothers" and "people who can't accept or understand that some people like doing things that you don't" will raise the bar on anti-smoking aggressiveness. And before anyone says "IF YOU SMOKE AROUND ME I WILL DIE BY INHALING YOUR DEADLY LUNG VAPOURS" (the "education" people have had on second hand smoke is wildly overblown and reactionary) I would like to point out that it's an outdoor area that they're doing this in, you can't just smoke in the mall anyway (and I agree with this). This area is the last place you can smoke (I haven't been there for a long time but I doubt that that would have changed), it's an open area, and it's not cramped. Stop treading on the rights of others just because they don't apply to you. Because your rights will be next.

Hmm... maybe I should actually try and do something about this instead of complaining in an online journal.


Here is that story. I'm only going to quote one thing:

""Encouraging an environment where fewer people can light up ultimately helps smokers to quit and sends a message to young people not to take up the habit," Cr Hinchliffe said."

Oh, you're such a fucking humanitarian. When the government stops making ANY money on the sale of cigarettes I'll start taking your stupid whining seriously. Only I won't, since if the majority of people were smokers you'd be trying to make MORE PLACES TO SMOKE since you're only interested in siding with the majority because that means more votes. Anyway, it doesn't make sense. Forcing your morals on someone doesn't make them more likely to agree with you, it harbours resentment.

People aren't interested in the truth. Actually, what's truth to me isn't truth to you, so that's not an accurate word. An accurate word would be "fact", and people have confused the two for so long that now people think they mean the same thing. So, people aren't interested in the facts, they're interested in seeing and hearing (I was going to put "reading" but I'm not even sure if most people CAN read anymore) things that reinforce their biases (positive or negative). Thats why no one complains about the anti-drug ads that have been coming out lately. The only substance that is considered a drug that I have ever consumed (no, I don't mean eaten) or have considered consuming is marijuana. But when I see these people specifically designing advertisements to get the biggest emotional effect I get sick to my stomach because people fall for it every time. How about the facts? Instead of ending a 30 second commercial with "[drug name here]. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S GOING TO DO TO YOU." (exact quote) how about educating your kids yourself? Telling them the facts and letting them make up their own mind? Oh, right. Because it's too risky. They might not make the same choices as you. Also they might realise that some of the things you've been saying about some drugs are a huge fucking lie that's been perpetrated for almost 100 years, only you believe it's "truth" because that was what's been told to you.

For the record, I only feel strongly about marijuana legalisation (while we're on the subject, if marijuana is illegal, I would expect cigarettes and alcohol should be too, but since they're not, I wonder why more people don't question this (answer: status quo)). I don't believe all drugs should be legal, but I also DON'T believe that misinformation and prohibition are the answer. Too bad most people do, because that's the easiest (and least "risky") way to go.

6/6/05 10:13 am

Mindless Self Indulgence have really changed their style.

6/3/05 01:27 am

Nice one, general Australian public. Really fucking intelligent. Hi this is a good idea. Hi I do believe everything I see on television. Hi the news did make me RACIST (within socially acceptable limits) AND REACTIONARY AND WHAT'S THAT ABOUT A BANDWAGON*

And so I don't come across as un-Australian, I'm going to tell everyone what I am doing to help our poor innocent Schapelle... uh... I'm going to refer to marijuana as "corby" from now on. As in "HEY MAN GET SOME OF THAT SWEET, SWEET CORBY"

* That website doesn't look all that functional but mainly a whole lot of people think it's a good idea to stop all trade and travel with Indonesia because their television told them a pretty white girl is being treated poorly by those inferior Asian monkeys (don't they like bow to allah or something???? so WEIRD!!!) so most of the Australian population has a sad face while drinking beer now

5/30/05 01:40 am

Back in Hervey Bay, I remember there was this couple (a man and a woman) who, as far as anyone knew, were homeless. They rode around, all day, every day, on bicycles (well I suppose they walked sometimes. I didn't watch them 24/7, though I would have liked to, once), and they were frequently seen rummaging around in garbage bins looking for aluminium cans to trade in. The guy used to be a respected doctor or psychologist, before he had to be committed to a mental institution for whatever reason and that's when he met the woman he was with. I suppose you could say that that story was made up, but my mother was a nurse and that's what he told her.

One day the guy was looking for cans (or whatever) in a big dumpster when some guys that I went to school with saw him and said "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR BUDDY" or something like that. He was so shocked he let go of the lid and it fell down onto his head. Being arsehole highschool pseudobullies, they laughed and left. The next time they saw him they asked him how his head was. He obviously didn't remember the event, or didn't recognise them, and told them "oh, yes. Nice and round".

I hate those guys but I love that story.
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